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Shah & Alshamali Associates Chartered Accountants were initially part of an established firm in the emirate of Dubai. The continuous growth of the accountancy profession together with a wealth of opportunities available resulted in the birth and autonomous existence of the firm as an independent operation. With a team of more than 45 professionals and 4 partners, we can confidently boast of over 30 years of experience and presence in the UAE and we now operate from 4 offices across the UAE.

Shah & Alshamali Associates have established a strong reputation and received countless recommendations which exemplify our commitment to our clients—something for which we are extremely proud.

At Shah & Alshamali Associates, we believe that delivering a proficient, expert, substantial, and sustained service has become a necessity for our clients who are constantly facing significant and rapid changes in the economic landscape in which they operate. For example, increasing complexity in industry structures, evolving supply chains, intensifying global competition, and rising inflationary pressures are situations faced by businesses that require careful management. Our Shah & Alshamali Associates Advisory practice helps clients deal with these uncertainties with a clear-eyed, pragmatic and long-term view.